Nike Free46-0185

Nike Free46-0185
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  • adidas launches a design update of AlphaBOUNCE
    • The AlphaBOUNCE Beyond targets athletes who are not runners, but instead use running as part of their wider training plan, helping them to be the best at their game
    • The ’RUN THE GAME’ campaign features a series of US athletes including football stars Florencia Galarza and Landon Collins and basketball player Damian Lillard

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Herzogenaurach, January 16th, 2018 – As part of its new ‘RUN THE GAME’ campaign, adidas has launched the AlphaBOUNCE Beyond – a shoe designed to celebrate athletes who use running as a tool to dominate their sport. ‘RUN THE GAME’ reflects the intersection of sport and culture, allowing players to remain in the zone throughout their training programme no matter the location, be it on the track, in the training room, hallway or streets. Through incorporating design elements into the shoe such as engineered mesh and a BOUNCE midsole, athletes are empowered to use running within their training to obtain their competitive edge, giving them the power to ‘RUN THE GAME’. To represent this, a series of personalised artworks, starring US sports stars Landon Collins, Damian Lillard and Florencia Galarza, have been created to demonstrate the importance of running within their specific training programmes, making them the dominant players on the field and court.

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The silhouette is aimed at athletes who do not identify themselves as runners, but instead use running as a training tool for their journey to become the best in their game. The AlphaBOUNCE Beyond is a running shoe which gives them a competitive edge, allowing them to play the game at their pace, control its tempo and dominate the game. The two new colourways integrate a mixture of black, white and grey shades which highlight specific areas of the silhouette that were impacted by stress during the testing process.

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